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Why Video Latency Matters – And how to get rid of it


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Video Latency matters – and it’s a real issue in live video streaming today. This page features articles, facts & figures and relevant whitepapers about challenges on video latency.

Why video latency matters – every second counts


Have you ever watched a live streamed video or played an online multiplayer game and noticed a delay? Perhaps you had to wait for a bit or you couldn’t interact in real time… and it probably wasn’t the smooth experience you expected. That delay, whether it was two seconds or two minutes, is called latency, and it’s one of the major issues in live...

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How to get low latency streaming – The future of live video is fast

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Want to offer a smoother, more authentic “real-time” experience when you stream live video? Whether you’re streaming sports, auctions, news, gaming, or something else, it’s a good idea to work on lowering your latency.

This means decreasing the delay from when you go live to the moment your video stream appears for your viewers - even if it’s...

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