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Unencrypted USBs: an underestimated data security risk


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In many companies, USB sticks are the most frequently used medium for data storage. However, the high data security risks when using these devices is in most cases underestimated. Internal data are stored without being encrypted, resulting in major gaps in security. This carelessness can lead to serious data losses, leaks and thefts. In this Top Story you will learn about the precautions you can take within your company to close this security loophole.

Lost USB sticks could become costly in the future and create a major security risk

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Take an everyday scenario: an employee transfers data from his work computer to a USB stick – maybe for security reasons, maybe also because he needs it to work on a different device. He leaves the office and on the way home the stick falls out of his bag. The data on the storage device is not encrypted and so it can be read by anyone who opens it. At best, this...

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A recent study showed that USB sticks are a widely-used storage medium, but often unprotected

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How sensitive data is protected against unauthorised access is an important issue in many companies’ security strategy. Although in most cases businesses have a fundamental awareness of how to deal with e-mails from unknown senders or entering passwords in public domains, the practical USB stick used for mobile data memory is often overlooked in security procedures: an...

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